Brenham Monument

Monument Engraving

Every detail of your story deserves to last for generations. Let our expert memorial designers with over 65 years of stone carving experience preserve your story today.

At Brenham Monument we carry the highest quality granite and marble in the industry. All of the monuments that we carry have proven to withstand the outdoor elements and therefore meet our one-of-a-kind guarantee.

Laser Design

Brenham Monument has been producing our own laser designed monuments since 2004. Before a lasered monument is created, an image must be input or designed in our computer program. This is a very tedious and time intensive process; however, once our artists have created an image, we can duplicate it as many times as needed. The most common color used for laser etching is Premium Black. Premium Black produces the cleanest laser photos and designs one can find. Other colors, such as Catseye Red and Dark Cloud, have proven to work well with laser; those colors show laser artwork very nicely but are not recommended for laser photos. Laser monuments are becoming more and more common in cemeteries. One question often asked is, “How long will the laser design last?” Laser, like sandblast, puts a break in the polish and exposes the raw stone beneath. The laser heats the stone and removes the polish where sandblast cuts into the stone therefore removing the polish. Unless the monument loses its polish or is re-polished the laser design will last for many years to come.

Final Date Requests

Complete an already present memorial with the engraving of of the date of your loved one’s passing. Send in the form below and we will get your memorial on our On-Site Carving Crew’s schedule.

What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

Melvin Steptoe
This company has exceptional customer service and provided my family and I with such great service throughout the years. The staff was easy to get in contact with and they are very professional. Beautiful service. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you all very much.
Misty Burdick
Brenham Monument company is very professional and efficient in their work. They provided many options in all price ranges that allowed our family to make a decision in a marker for our grandparents. The dedication of the staff after hours as well to provide a professional proof and installation far exceeded my expectations. They offered very easy payment options and pay options being remote and out of state. I would recommend them for anyone that is in the planning stances and also after death needs of a marker.
Rebecca Contreras
I am very pleased with Brenham Monument Company they did a great job on how they set my dad's monument.A special thank you to Mrs.Debbie Sander for helping me contact the care giver at the cementary.Your awesome Mrs.Debbie.Let me not forget to mention that the prices are very reasonable .Once again thank you Brenham Monument Company
Jeannie D. Manuel
I would like to thank the entire Brenham Monument Company for a job well done on our monument design and creation for my husband. My daughter and I are very pleased with your outstanding service. We were treated with respect and professionalism on our initial visit to your office, as we discussed and designed the layout of the Monument. We are pleased with the final creation and the set up. Thanks again Brenham Monument Company!!!
Deborah Rhodes
Brenham Monument Company not only did a beautiful job on the monument I ordered, they also completed the job in a timely manner. Charles & Debbie exhibited professionalism, compassion, & patience during the selection process of the memorial marker. I truly appreciate their assistance. Thank you, Brenham Monument Company.
Mikie Greene
Working with this company has been a challenge throughout the entire process. They had to be prompted to send drawings...did not communicate that the order had been placed (just cashed the deposit check) or that the monument had been set(just sent a final bill)...did not reply to emails promply. They also failed to communicate the fact that lettering outside of a text box would not be inked. In summary, customer service and communication is lacking.